outdoor fireplaces for a focal point

When it comes to buying a home, many people are willing to pay extra for one with a fireplace. Even if you don’t intend to use a fireplace for more than the occasional cozy evening in, a fireplace lends itself to be a focal point of the room all year long. Outdoor fireplaces tend to be more useful in nature, but can come with other advantages as well. At Greenville Pavers, we love our outdoor fireplaces and would like to give you a few reasons to consider them.

1.   Warmth- Let’s say that you’ve just hopped out of your pool, it’s getting late, but you aren’t quite ready to go inside yet. An outdoor fireplace can be there to create an extension of your home’s living space while keeping you and your swimming friends warm and toasty. If you don’t have a pool, it’s still a great choice for any yard when the temperatures start to get a little chilly in the evening!

2.   Alternative to fire pits- Firepits can make some homebuyers nervous because the fire pit is either a tripping hazard sitting up above the ground or a falling hazard when buried in the ground. Outdoor fireplaces allow you to roast all the marshmallows you want without worry of someone tripping or falling into the fire.

3.   Focal point for landscaping– So many of our outdoor spaces are becoming an extension of the living rooms, which means outdoor living spaces need outdoor fireplaces for a focal point.