Awesome Outdoor Fire Pits

When you invest in any outdoor feature for your home, you want it to be personal and personable. You may really want a fire pit, but those shade trees you planted a few years ago just shed pollen and seeds and such everywhere and there doesn’t seem to be any good place to put one. Maybe you are thinking about getting a fire pit, but you’re not sure how to keep it safe with young kids or relatives prone to tripping. Do you know what to use in an outdoor fire pit? Do you know how to run lines for a gas one? Do you know the codes for how far away it has to be from landscaping and from your home? Do you know what materials are safe to use?

The answer to all of these questions may be that you actually have no idea how to successfully pull off your dream of adding a fire pit to your backyard sanctum without first enduring a lot of stress and internet searching and still risking the cost (literally the money you have saved for this) if you didn’t catch the key point in every one of those 20 online do-it-yourself videos you would have to watch.

If you truly want a stylish firepit, consider turning to us at Greenville Pavers. Not only can we help you avoid mishaps and find the perfect place (both aesthetically and lawfully), we can also give you great ideas about what to do and what not to do. Let us take the ton of bricks or rocks – or whatever paver you are planning to choose – off of your back and do the heavy lifting for you.