Concrete Pavers vs. Natural Stone
You have already made the wise decision to use pavers for your driveway, walkways, patio or another area around your Greeneville, South Carolina home. The only question left is whether to opt for concrete pavers or ones made from natural stone. There are advantages with both to consider, as well as potential issues. Knowing these will make your decision easier.

  • Advantages of Concrete Pavers – For the most part, concrete pavers are more affordable than natural stone. Although there are exceptions to the rule, your budget for the job can typically be lower when dealing with concrete pavers. Another advantage is that there are few limits to the variety of appearances you can achieve. For example, you can get the exact shade of a particular color you want that might not normally occur in a natural stone. Even those that are found in nature may be rare enough to be beyond your budget. Transportation costs should the natural stone look you want not be in your geographic area can add a fortune to the tab, as well.
  • Disadvantages of Concrete Pavers – No matter what technique is employed in the creation of concrete pavers, they will never have the natural veining and feel of natural stone. They also will not add as much value to your home as natural stone would, but as far as a cost-to-return ratio, that could be a moot point. A discussion with a real estate professional in your area would be a good source to determine if the added cost is worth it. While the cost of natural stone is often recoupable indoors in kitchens and bathrooms, it often is not for outdoor surfaces unless you find the perfect buyer.

At Greeneville Pavers, we offer a wide variety of concrete pavers as well as brick and flagstone pavers, so we can easily go over the budgetary concerns with you to aid you in making your decision. We are the best paving contractor in the area, with over 75 years of combined commercial and residential construction experience to our credit.