How to Find the Best Paving Contractor

Paving is a great way to increase the value and beauty of your home or business.  If you are considering paving, you are likely going to be hiring a paving contractor.  A paving contractor, however, can be a little tricky to find.  Our team of experts here at Greenville Pavers have listed our best tips and tricks for how to find a paving contractor below. 

First off, a great resource is always your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Either you will have someone rave about a paving contractor they loved, or, you will have someone desperately warn you against a paving contractor they hated.  Either way, you will no doubt get an honest review by soliciting recommendations through people you know.

Next, do your research on the internet.  You can learn a lot about a paving contractor on their website.  Additionally, there will likely be online reviews and previous customer testimonials that can give you a better idea of the customer experience.  You will also be able to identify the different types of paving include driveway paving, patio paving, concrete paving and more. 

Lastly, when you have a few paving contractor options, do not be afraid to ask for a quote on your project.  Price checking a few different options is a great way to ensure you stay on budget for your paving project, whether at home or at your business.  Additionally, meet with the potential paving contractors in person and see how well you connect and communicate with them.