Look for a paving contractor

Here at Greenville Pavers, we have just one paving contractor (our team leader) who wants to make sure we deliver great results to you for your hardscaping needs. We understand that you may be unsure how to determine if we are the right contractor for you. How do you know that someone is going to do a great job for you as a contractor over building something in and around your home?

Here are five things to look for if you haven’t already:

  1. Look for a paving contractor (such as us here at Greenville Pavers) that does the work themselves if you can. Then you know who you are hiring rather than knowing who will be hiring out the work for you.
  2. Read both positive and negative reviews. Talk to neighbors, family, and co-workers who have had similar work done on their home. They have definitely learned something in the process.
  3. Have a list of questions before you ask for a consultation with your paving contractor and make sure you are 95% sure that your project is a go before asking for a consultation. You may have a list divided into sections of “Need to Have,” “Want to Have,” and “Dream Big, Budget Allowing.” Dividing out your desires for the work into definite, maybe, and what are limits categories will make it a lot easier to see how this project is going to impact your finances. In order to get an accurate quote(s), you need to first come up with an accurate idea of what you want and what your budget allows.
  4. Plan for weather and for seasonal demand when you start to schedule a project. If you call the contractor in January – February, it’s more likely your project can fit into the schedule early in the season.
  5. Make sure you sign a detailed contract, have the proper permits and markings for digging, and your contractor has all the proper licensing. You don’t want any issues now or in the future with your city or utilities companies, neighbors, or home insurance.