clean your brick pavers for a new start

Brick pavers are long-lasting, attractive and a fun feature piece for the exterior of your home. When your brick pavers are in disarray, however, they might look more like an eyesore than a feature. With grime that builds up over time, moss, mildew, and stains, brick pavers can’t be cleaned the same way as other, solid, forms of pavement like cement. At Greenville Pavers, we have a few tips to help you properly clean your brick pavers for a new start.

First, don’t run out and rent a pressure washer! While pressure washers are great at cleaning solid surfaces including brick, if you try to use one on your brick pavers, you might do more harm than good by washing out the sand and filling in between your pavers. The sand acts as a stabilizer, which can make your brick pavers sink or shift.

Second, use a broom and sweep all that you can from your brick pavers. You’ll then want to either use a purchased cleaning solution or a 1:3 ratio of bleach and water. Either will work just fine. Gently pour over your pavers and let soak for a few minutes, scrubbing with a scrub brush or push broom.

Finally, rinse your brick pavers off at the very lowest setting of a hose, carefully avoiding the gaps when you can. After you let your pavers dry off for a few days, you can apply more stabilizing sand to replace any that washed out during the cleaning process.

If you have tricks to make cleaning brick pavers easier, let us know here at Greenville Pavers!