Signs it's Time for Paver Repair

An old or deteriorating driveway can negatively affect your property’s curb appeal. Although pavers last for years, paver repair is sometimes unavoidable due to a few reasons. Here are telltale signs you need paver repair services.

  • Missing pavers. Missing pavers ruin the aesthetic appeal of your driveway and make your property look less appealing. In addition, they pose a tripping hazard. If your driveway has large areas of missing bricks, hiring a professional contractor like us at Greensville Pavers is the best option. We specialize in paver repair and installation to help you achieve your outdoor living area goals.
  • The sun causes fading and discoloration of pavers, resulting in an unappealing driveway. If old pavers with a rustic appearance are not your preferred design, you should consider paver repair. This gives you peace of mind since your property will regain its original beauty.
  • Drainage issues. Improper drainage can be an early sign you need paver repair services. Likewise, drainage issues on your patio indicate an uneven surface beneath the pavers. If the water sits there for days, it could become a breeding spot for insects or lead to slick or muddy spots, so you need to seek professional help.
  • Shifting pavers. When pavers shift, they begin to wobble beneath your feet when you walk across them. Sometimes, you can solve this problem by leveling the dirt below to stabilize the paver. However, if you have to remove overgrown tree roots or redesign your lawn to avoid shifting pavers, seeking professional paver repair services is recommended. The benefit of working with us is that we are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction.

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