fire pits make for a great area to sit around
Even though summer is the typical peak time for using fire pits, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your fire pit any other time of the year! An outdoor fire pit is enjoyable for many people because they are customizable. They can be made into a permanent feature in your yard or a temporary one, but either way, fire pits make for a great area to sit around and chat with a great snack. At Greenville Pavers, we have our traditional favorites when it comes to fire pits, but we also like to think outside the box as well. Pull up a chair and enjoy one of these treats with your fire pit today.

  • Fire pit cinna-sticks. A fire pit is a great way for your guests to customize their own treats, and cinna-sticks are sure to be a hit! If you take pre-packed cinnamon roll dough and wrap it around a kebab stick, you’ll be able to cook the bread over your fire pit and then top with cinnamon and sugar and/or frosting.
  • Not Your Mama’s S’mores. Traditional s’mores are made of graham crackers, chocolate and a marshmallow. Try mixing up the flavors of these components for your own twist, like peppermint marshmallows with chocolate graham crackers or white chocolate with chocolate graham crackers.
  • With the help of a wire rack to hold kebabs, you can make dinner with the help of your fire pit. Let your family make their own kebabs for an easy dinner.

What are your favorite things to cook over fire pits?