The Do’s and Don’ts of an Outdoor Fire Pit

One of the best parts about camping is roasting marshmallows and making some delicious s’mores around the campfire. If this is a favorite childhood memory or pastime of yours, you may want to consider installing an outdoor fire pit in your backyard.  Before you jump into an outdoor fire pit installation, check out the article below.  Here, our team of experts at Greenville Pavers have outlined the entire do’s and don’ts of an outdoor fire pit.  Having been in the business for quite some time, our team has seen it all and is sharing all of their outdoor fire pit wisdom with you. 

The Do’s for an Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Take time, precaution, and solicit expert help when selecting where to put your outdoor fire pit and what type of outdoor fire pit is best for you, your family, and your climate.
  • Regularly clean your outdoor fire pit.  If you opt for a gas outdoor fire pit, check the hose and burners regularly for leaks or buildup of debris.

The Don’ts for an Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Do not put your outdoor fire pit near trees, bushes, buildings, on unleveled ground, or near children play areas. The experts recommend that an outdoor fire pit should be installed at least 10-20 feet away from any structure.
  • Do not be relaxed about cleaning and safety.
  • Do not leave a lit outdoor fire pit unattended with anyone who is uneducated about the unit, and/or under the age of 18. 
  • Do not sit too close to the outdoor fire pit.