Pavers come in a variety of materials, including, stone, concrete, and clay. At Greenville Pavers, we have put together a brief overview of these three options to aid you in creating your ideal patio, driveway, or walkway.

  • Stone pavers are an attractive option to many people, and for good reason. You can find stone pavers in a number of designs, making it easy to choose pavers in the right shape and color to suit your home and yard. The natural beauty of stone gives any home an air of luxury. Keep in mind, however, that because stone is a natural material, no stone pavers will be entirely uniform, and further may suffer uneven weather damage.
  • Concrete pavers offer similar durability and variety in selection to stone, but with more uniformity. Concrete pavers can also vary in texture, so your driveway or patio can be completely smooth or can have some roughness to give it a more natural feel. The added traction is also a plus for walking on concrete pavers in rainy conditions.
  • Clay bricks are another popular choice. Paver bricks differ slightly from wall bricks, having completely smooth surfaces with no holes or gaps. Though most brick pavers are clay-colored and rectangular, other styles may be available; even with a more limited palette, however, brick pavers can still create handsome surfaces to complement both classic and modern homes. Brick pavers are a more affordable option than stone or concrete, but do need to be installed correctly to ensure no loss in durability relative to other options.

Our team at Greenville Pavers is happy to help you get the most from any paving option. Contact us today to learn more!