Flagstone Pavers

Putting in an outdoor patio or other outdoor living space at either your home or business is a great way to expand the area while enjoying the beautiful attributes of the outdoors. As the demand for outdoor living spaces grows, so does interest in flagstone pavers. Here are a few key reasons why flagstone pavers are so popular and why you should consider them for your patio project:

  • Durability – Flagstone pavers are solid rock, which makes them a very durable option. They can handle any weather and continue to look great. Unlike a wood deck, you won’t have to worry about termites, carpenter bees or rotting. They maintain their color and texture for a long time as they are impervious to most contaminants.
  • Beauty – If you love a natural look, you won’t be as happy with manmade materials as you will flagstone. Each piece is unique, so your patio won’t look like anyone else’s. Since flagstone pavers are generally larger than other options, the overall effect is that your patio will look larger, too.
  • Value – The natural beauty and unique nature of flagstone pavers adds tremendous value to your home or business.
  • Variety – Flagstone pavers come in several different hues, shapes, sizes, and colors, so you’ll have plenty of options to get the results you want. Stick with one color spectrum or mix them up for a unique design.
  • Easy Maintenance – Blow off leaves, brush off debris, and maybe spray the patio down with the hose occasionally – that’s all it takes to keep your flagstone pavers looking great for years to come.