envision how you might best utilize your hardscape options

Hardscape is the part of landscaping or outdoor architectural design that isn’t planted and alive nor built in the traditional sense where there are many extensive codes and lots of features. Simply put, hardscaping has building elements to it (especially when it is something such as BBQ islands or a lit rock bench or even a firepit or retaining wall), but it is the more aesthetic building out of areas outside of your home with semi-permanent building methods, such as the placing of pavers, rock, or stone.

With hardscaping, your creativity can really soar. Whereas your home is required to meet certain codes and certain plants only grow in certain regions or at sometimes of the year, hardscaping has much less in the way of limitations to creativity. It can also be made to last and therefore be the centerpiece of your other outdoor activities and landscaping efforts for years to come.

Hardscaping requires less maintenance than many other landscaping options. Hardscaping features also cost less than many other build-out options not only initially, but in saving the cost of watering, for example. Not only that, even a simple hardscaping feature such as a bench is a great way for those indoors to be drawn outside.

If you are trying to envision how you might best utilize your hardscape options, including retaining walls, for new landscaping or updating landscaping, then give Greenville Pavers a call. We would be more than happy to consult with you about any upcoming outdoor projects you have in mind. And our contractor would certainly be happy to offer creative suggestions as well if you are looking for that as part of your pending outdoor improvement project.