The first thing you should ask a paving contractor before hiring

Here at Greenville Paving, we know that you want to make your yard the best it can be. If you are planning on adding a patio, driveway, walkway, or other hardscaping feature, then you’ll want to hire a paving contractor for best results. In this article, our team will go over some key things to look for when comparing your different contractor options.

  • License and InsuranceThe first thing you should ask a paving contractor before hiring them is whether they have the right licensing for the type of work you need, and whether they have proper insurance. Having the right license proves that the contractor has the necessary training and experience to do the job properly, and having the right insurance makes sure that you’ll have financial protection in the event that any damage or injury occurs during the project. Note that a reputable contractor will be ready to provide this documentation as a matter of course, so if there’s any hesitation to do so we at Greenville Pavers recommend looking elsewhere.
  • Referrals- The next thing you should ask is to see a list of the paving contractor’s customer referrals. Again, a good contractor should take pride in their results and be happy to let you speak to their past customers to learn about their experiences with the company, so any attempts to give you a hard time about asking are a red flag. If you can, go see one of the contractor’s projects in person to check out their workmanship for yourself.
  • Work Schedule– Another thing that a good paving contractor will provide is a work schedule for the project—they should give you a clear start date, a regular start and end time for the work each day, and an estimate of how many days your project will take. Here at Greenville Pavers, we don’t want you to have to wonder about how long we’ll be working on your yard, so we make every effort to provide clear scheduling information.