Outdoor Patio

The good news is that you have long lines of people wanting to eat at your restaurant. The bad news is that many of them could leave if the wait is excessive. It is estimated that this could cost your business as much as 30% of the revenue you could be enjoying. While it isn’t always practical to relocate to a larger location or build additional space, you could get the same advantages by adding an outdoor patio.

An outdoor patio is not just a more affordable option to gain more tables — there are other benefits as well. Your patrons will love the open-air dining experience and the ability to people-watch as they dine. It is well-known that most people love to sit by the window to feel close to the outdoors and watch what is going on. By giving them an outdoor patio, you give them the opportunity to actually be outside and enjoy the views and fresh air.

The important thing is to have a well-designed outdoor patio because a subpar one is going to be worse than not having one at all. You should include features with weather in mind, such as adding coverings for shade, a misting system for hotter days, and heating for colder ones if you want to have your outdoor patio open as much of the year as possible. Consider the flooring carefully for beauty, durability, and safety. A paver patio can be a great addition, provided it is designed and installed by a professional.

If you would like to learn more about a paver outdoor patio for your restaurant, give us a call at Greenville Pavers. Our team of industry professionals has over 75 years of combined commercial and residential construction experience. You can be sure that you’ll love the results and the lasting beauty and durability of the finished product. We can work with the vision you have in mind or offer you ideas for design. Contact us today to learn more.