Winter Tips for Taking Care of Your Decorative Concrete

Your outdoor decorative concrete can benefit you all year long, but only if you make sure you prioritize its maintenance. This is especially true in the winter months. Taking care of your decorative concrete requires you to take advantage of some key winter maintenance techniques. Here are some decorative concrete maintenance tips to follow during the winter.

  • Have your driveway cleaned before winter arrives. One of the best things to do to maintain your decorative concrete is to have it professionally cleaned before the winter season hits. Doing so will remove any of the extra contaminants that can increase damages that may come as the snow falls.
  • Be careful when you park. Decorative concrete is a popular choice for driveways, but you need to be careful when parking on your decorative concrete driveway when it’s cold. Chemicals and salts that are used on public roads can stick to your tires, so if possible, try to remove anything on the underside of your vehicle before parking on your driveway. If the weather is good enough, consider getting a car wash to help wash away these road treatments.
  • Remove snow as soon as possible. Snow sitting on your decorative concrete driveway can damage the concrete as it freezes and thaws during the night and day. Removing the snow as soon as possible can help you prevent this damage.

For more tips or help keeping your home’s decorative concrete surfaces safe and in good condition during the winter, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Greenville Pavers.